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Narrowcasting at the elevator

Staircases are rarely used in the modern, high tech, thirteen floor Adam Smith Building, located in the south west of Amsterdam. Therefore, narrowcasting at the elevator guarantees incredible visibility. Tenants use the elevator daily to reach their offices, the parking garage, the restaurant or one of the various conference rooms. And don’t forget to consider all the visitors.

On behalf of D&Z Domotica in Amsterdam, Club Display arranged narrowcasting on three displays in the Adam Smith Building. We also designed corporate templates for them. By linking to various websites, such as Nu.nl, the screens alternately display the latest news, weather forecasts and traffic reports. Moreover, thanks to the link with OV 9292, all public transport travelers can check departure timetables at a glance.

Additional content

The restaurant’s daily special, an important announcement regarding the building or any other content? Any information may easily be entered into the system. Thanks to the corporate templates content added is displayed in the same style automatically.

Hence, optimum service is provided in a contemporary look and feel for tenants, visitors and employees.

Looking to take advantage of the many benefits narrowcasting has to offer for your building, hotel or business location?