ClubDisplay Hand Sanitizer Display 21.5 “

Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with display mounted on the wall or on a floor stand.

Combining a digital signage screen and an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is a powerful way to ensure that hygiene rules are easily observed and that communication with customers is improved.

Displaying an eye-catching message on the screen easily alerts customers to disinfect their hands when entering stores or other businesses. Additional information can be displayed on the screen, such as current events, notices, and other advertisements.

Manage remotely
The screen content can be easily changed and even automatically adjusted by our ClubDisplay narrowcasting software. Because the screen has a built-in signage media player with wi-fi, users can create campaigns in our software via the web browser. Large companies, chains or organizations with multiple branches can, therefore, control the screens centrally and remotely.

Advertise and personalize
The dispensers can be used to effectively promote products or special offers. It is also possible to customize the dispensers in the corporate style of your company with your logo and font.

• Improve compliance with hygiene rules
• Inform customers about applicable rules
• Improve protection of customers and employees against contamination and spread
• Pleasing wait time for customers
• In addition to notices, products or promotion can be advertised.

Improve compliance with applicable COVID-19 hygiene rules
Our dispensers are highly effective in the retail environment. Retailers can indicate on the screen that customers must disinfect their hands before entering.

When the rules are later relaxed, the dispenser can also be used effectively in the catering industry, educational buildings, office buildings, and other public places. We must deal with the coronavirus for a while. The dispenser is, therefore, an excellent tool to ensure better hygiene now and in the future.

Improve compliance with applicable COVID-19 hygiene rules

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