Welcome to a new era of hotel entry. It’s keyless, cardless, and completely reshaping the standard for guest service.

The universally accepted hotel mobile key solution.

Simple. Fast. Secure.


Of hotel guests worldwide use mobile devices while traveling

Improve The Guest Experience

OpenKey brings the room key to the guest’s mobile phone. With a single download, guests can check-in and gain access to their hotel room and hotel amenities. Improve guest reviews by increasing the time spent experiencing what the hotel has to offer.

Increase Check-in Efficiency

Tired travelers and long lines lead to stressed out staff and unhappy guests. Change the way they enter your hotel. Give guests the option to check-in and access their room from the palm of their hands. Give staff the opportunity to focus on more impactful ways to improve guest experience.

The Industry Standard for Universal Mobile Key in Hotels.

We’ve taken OpenKey technology and paired it with the lock industry’s biggest names. Access to multiple manufacturers mean cost-effectiveness and maximum compatibility with existing BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) locks.






Making Your Hotel Mobile

We’re seeing it firsthand: the mobile key revolution is underway. Guests want complete control now more than ever, and major hotel chains around the world are responding. Keyless entry, seamless check-in and remote check-out equal a quantum leap for the guest experience — and welcome assistance for hotel operations.

Ready to unlock your hotel’s potential?

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